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Coolair Review 2021: The Best Personal Cooler for the Budget?

When the heat hits hard, we all want to stay cool and relaxed.

I was searching for a cooler at a cheap price but all are out of my budget.

My friend recommended me to get the CoolAir portable air conditioner.

I got it to test its authenticity and performance.

After using it for a few days, it astonished me with the performance.

It is such a mini portable air cooler.

I will share my thoughts in the CoolAir review.

The CoolAir is a device used to cool the surroundings.

It is often compared to air conditioners.

People may sometimes think that they are the same thing.

In reality, they are not similar to each one.

The great thing about CoolAir is that it is affordable to purchase and they offer quick and fast cooling at all conditions.

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What is CoolAir?

What is CoolAir

CoolAir is a modern cooling system that allows you to effectively cool the rooms of the house and counteract hot days, which are among the main causes of heatstroke.

It is a portable air conditioner equipped with numerous features that satisfy any kind of expectation.

It is very light and compact.

For this reason, it can be positioned in strategic points to face the heat, even during workouts or hours of work on the PC.

The rooms and other areas of the house, such as the kitchen or the living room, will be refreshed in a few moments thanks to the effectiveness of this small device that uses hot air to transform it into fresh and purified air.

It comes with 3 level fan speed so I can regulate the heat level according to the room environment.

Also, it saves a huge amount of money due to its low electricity consumption.

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Does CoolAir Really Work?

From my experience and use of CoolAir, I can emerge that it is a safe, practical and efficient product.

It meets all needs of users who want to combat hot days and heat stroke. It is available only on the official website of the dealer who sells it with an unmissable offer.

CoolAir works and guarantees more options, all in a single device that will comfortably arrive at home in a few days working.

Unlike traditional fans, it is easy to handle. It refreshes the air in a few seconds simply after pressing the start button, once the tank has been filled with water.

Being absolutely silent, it can be used in any area of ​​the house.

The portable mini air cooler ensures a pleasant refreshment without any nuisance for the house.

Set the fan speed and intensity of the light at night for sound sleep.

It is built-in with auto-shutdown functions, so there is no need to check if the water tank is constantly empty.

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Specification of CoolAir

  • Fan: 3 speed setting (Adjustable)
  • Lights: 7 colors
  • Size: 174x170x170 mm
  • Water tank: 750 ml
  • Speed: 20 speed settings
  • Power: USB

Special Features of CoolAir

Benefits of the CoolAir

CoolAir can be a vital step in making the family happier and healthier. The special features of CoolAir are the following:

  • Filter out contamination: CoolAir filters the air inside the home and office room. The air flows into damp filters in which mites, dust and different microorganisms remain. It comes with filters that are capable of capturing 99 percent of allergens from the air. It can take out allergens, dust, dirt, as well as all forms of airborne particles.
  • Efficient: According to my user experience, CoolAir only uses a low voltage than a desktop fan and AC. This is lightweight so it can be carried easily anywhere, anyhow. Another notable feature is the striking design. It is equipped with an amazing LED backlight that has 7 different colorful lights. Change the backlight color according to your wishes.
  • The adjustable fan speed and light intensity: It comes with 3-level adjustable fan speeds. This allows me to change the fan speed according to my demand. At night, set the intensity level for sound sleeping.
  • Act as a humidifier: It also works as a humidifier because it delivers the cold air with water. It is the perfect solution to keep our hair and skin well and smoother. Additionally, it also captures and filters particles like dust, dirt, pet dander, pet odor, and even mold spores. It ensures the allergen free room environment.
  • Fast cooling system: Its fan behind the filter pushes the warm air from the surroundings, flowing into the filter. Within a short time, it cools the room environments.

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Benefits of the CoolAir Device

The CoolAir device has outstanding features that ensure the following benefits:

  1. The adjustable 3-speed fan provides fast cooling with ultra-quiet performance.
  2. Its built-in water tank works up to 8 hours that require 3 times water recharge every day.
  3. It runs through a USB outlet, so I never worried about the consumption of electricity.
  4. Due to light design and size, it can be placed in a small place easily.
  5. The adjustable light intensity delivers 7 different colorful lights for a relaxed mood.
  6. Its in-built filter prevents dust, allergens, airborne particles, etc., effectively.

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How to Use CoolAir?

How to Use CoolAir

Using CoolAir is very easy to operate but should be careful on every step. Let me explain the using method of the CoolAir:

  • Take the CoolAir and open the door carefully.
  • Add ice or 300 ml cold water to the tank.
  • Connect through the USB cable to the power supply.
  • Tap the switch to adjust fan speed and light intensity.

Once the tank is refilled, it delivers cool air for up to 8 hours.

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Where Can I Purchase The Coolair?

CoolAir is not found in specialized centers and cannot be purchased at pharmacies or sales sites since it is an original product offered for sale only on the company’s official website.

It is an innovative and exclusive product that you will only find on the manufacturer’s Official site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discover some commonly asked questions about the CoolAir.

CoolAir runs silently by delivering cool air by evaporating the cold water from the tank. It allows you to adjust the fan speed in 3 levels and soothing lights for relaxation.

The CoolAir has a large water tank that allows you to get a cooling experience for up to 8 hours. After that, you have to refill the water tank again.

A portable air conditioner is an essential appliance in hot places where the heat level is very high. It is perfect for home and office use for the portable design and USB power supply.

Three features make the CoolAir special. They are 3 level fan speed, 8 liters water tank and USB power supply.

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Final Thought

CoolAir is the perfect solution for all people who cannot tolerate hot weather.

In the CoolAir review, I have shared my experience with the amazing mini air cooler.

It reduced the consumption on the bill.

I was searching for a different way to the luxurious AC unit.

At an affordable price, it helps to stay all-time relaxed in hot summer weather.

It has unique and innovative features that make it more convenient than other mini air coolers.

This is why we recommend CoolAir for personal use.

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