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WiFi UltraBoost Review 2021 – Does it Really Work?

What is WiFi UltraBoost?

WiFi UltraBoost

The WiFi UltraBoost, which is also known as a WLAN repeater, makes it easier to access wireless Internet.

In rooms with poor WIFI connections, the device is plugged into a power outlet.

Connecting the booster to your WLAN network is the next step.

With the device, you no longer have to experience WLAN dropouts in places with the direct vicinity of the router.

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How does the WiFi UltraBoost work?

It is illogical to conclude that the device is sophisticated to use simply because the technology sounds complicated.

Super boost is simply a plug-and-play device.

In a room with a weak WIFI signal, all you need to do is plug the device into an electrical outlet.

Then by locking it onto your home’s WIFI, the device rebroadcasts the signal where it is most needed.

Once you unbox the booster, it will take a few minutes to connect it into your existing router network.

Rooms with weak signals should get a signal boost when the device is connected.

You ought to connect to the booster instead of your router to connect to the boosted WIFI.

The new booster should be detected once you open your WIFI settings.

You should then get a significant speed jump once you connect to it.

It’s easier to do a speed test before you up the booster to get to know how much the booster helped.

Through Google, you get the quickest speed test by searching “Google speed test,” and you’ll receive your results in seconds.

Key tip: The WiFi UltraBoost only extends the signal range; it won’t make the router’s internet connection any faster.

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How does a WiFi UltraBoost work?

When you use a router for internet connection in your house, you may have some parts in your home where the Internet is weak.

Such a part is popularly known as a dead spot.

A dead spot can be some of the rooms in your house or outside your office where your WIFI can be detected but is too weak to connect to.

Reason for having a WIFI dead spot

It is possible to experience a weak WIFI connection in one corner of a room that is opposite the router and a strong connection on the other corner of the room.

The different Internet strengths may be a result of a variety of causes, such as thick plastered walls with metal wiring.

Other causes of a weak WIFI signal include:

  • Cabinets with metal filing
  • Walls made of metal
  • Cordless telephones when they are being used
  • Microwave ovens whenever they are put into use

Other apartments may also Barr your WIFI signal weakening it.

Dead zones mainly occur when other residents of the same apartment use the same WIFI channel causing interference making it weaker.

Make use of several strategies that can be applied to fix a dead zone:

  • Transfer your WIFI router to a different spot
  • Adjust the antenna of your router if available
  • You can also use another WIFI channel. However, it may be difficult for some
  • Get rid of the barriers
  • You may also consider using a wired WIFI connection, which is more inconvenient

It is, however, worth noting that the solutions may be impossible or inconvenient in some occasions.

Not all hope is lost, yet, since there is a solution that is convenient and effective.

That solution is adopting a signal supporter, which is what the WiFi UltraBoost will do for you.

It works the same way as the booster used for TV antenna, where it helps in amplifying the signal, increasing the area covered by the signal as well as strengthening the WIFI signal.

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A recommendation of the Super Boost WIFI

WiFi Strength Signal amplification is a guarantee from the manufacturer within all areas of your house and its immediate surroundings, like the garden and even the garage.

A socket is the only prerequisite required.

As the WiFi UltraBoost is unsuitable for use outdoors, the socket, if possible, should be located on a covered terrace.

Its positioning prevents the device from a short circuit by preventing it from coming into contact with rain or other forms of moisture.

We offer sets intended for simultaneous use in addition to individual boosters.

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Is the WiFi UltraBoost suitable?

The primary service the WiFi UltraBoost offers is to strengthen the WLAN network of your router.

For this to happen, a password is necessary to establish a connection.

If the password is incorrect, it impossible to access your neighbor’s WLAN via the device.

The booster helps you to download or play videos and load websites faster.

You get to use the Internet at speeds that correspond to the quality for which you pay the provider.

The speed is high enough even in areas such as in the attic, cellar, upper floors and even in the garden.

The consistent speed will keep you from having to use LAN cables or having to stay close to the router.

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Wifi UltraBoost Benefits

With the WiFi UltraBoost amplifier, you can improve the strength of your WIFI signal without having to use any extra data.

Hence, you won’t have to use an extra coin to get a signal that is much stronger.

Your internet service provider will not even know if you are using it.

The most apparent benefit of using the signal booster is that you will no longer have dead spots.

You can achieve a stronger signal in all areas of the house as the WiFi UltraBoost substantially extends your WIFI range. You therefore:

  • Are safe from having to move the router to achieve a stronger signal
  • Are safe from having to pay an extra price for faster Internet
  • Get to live without WIFI dead zones
  • Are safe from having to achieve a better WIFI signal by moving the furniture
  • No longer need to stream videos by hooking up to an ethernet cable

Faster internet speeds will not solve your weak signal problems. It is also true that faster doesn’t necessarily mean stronger.

It’s not at all complicated to set up a WiFi UltraBoost amplifier.

By just plugging in the booster, you’re good to go.

It automatically picks up on your poor signal and boosts it.

You won’t have to deal with any devices that require to be configured or work with complicated wires that need to be hooked up.

It only requires to be plugged in, then you are good to go.

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Technical details about the WiFi UltraBoost

wifi UltraBoost

Routers with a WLAN function are compatible with the presented product.

The quickest way to tell if this is the case is by the WLAN button or by the corresponding imprint on the router’s front.

Since the technology is almost always similar, a connection comparable to a smart TV mobile phone or laptop is quickly established by the booster.

Four displays are available in the device, which includes LAN, WLAN, WPS, and On, Off.

There is a green-light indicator when the device is in use; therefore, you can quickly tell if the device is working correctly at a glance.

A LAN port is available on the side of an 8 x 7 x 5 cm booster.

For faster internet surfing, you can connect the LAN cable if your signal for watching videos or gaming is weak.

While traveling, you should be well informed about sockets’ shape in your destination country if you plan on using the device.

Please visit the link to view or download the manual for the Wifi BoosterClick Here

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Where to buy a WiFi UltraBoost?

Currently, you can only order the product through the manufacturer’s website.

Over the last several months, a lot of counterfeits products have been offered on other sites.

Therefore, the best way to protect yourself from the counterfeits is by purchasing the product via the website of the dealer.

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WiFi UltraBoost conclusions

Knowing the internet speed that your range extender can handle is one of the more important metrics you should have.

For instance, if your 300mbps internet speed and your extender is rated at 75mbps, the speed limit will be limited by your extender.

As we were unable to reach WiFi UltraBoost customer service, we could not confirm what speed the extender can support.

The chance that your WiFi UltraBoost will handle up to 300mbps in internet speeds is very high, based on the research we did of a signal booster we found on Amazon that is similar to the same device.

The best way to test this by doing a google speed test when connected to your router, and do the same speed test when connected to the super boost as we had mentioned earlier.

The only significant limitation about WiFi UltraBoost is its high prices.

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