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IOnic Spa Review 2021: The Best Shower Head Ever!!

Having a bathroom with spa features at home is an increasingly popular personal oasis. IOnic Spa Shower allows me to have a safe shower by purifying the tap water. It can remove 99% harmful elements from the water. Also, it saves water by ensuring water supplying speed. The Vitamin C+E cartridge effectively reduces harmful substances. In this IOnic Spa review, I will tell you about the shower according to my experience with it.

It allows you to safeguard you from chemicals from line water. Its modern technology provides better water flow for a healthy bath after arriving home. Get the iOnic Spa shower head and always stay healthy.

What is IOnic Spa?

IOnic Spa is a showerhead bathroom appliance with a Vitamin C+E cartridge that ensures pure water during bathing. Its purified water helps to relieve fatigue and promote metabolism. It has infrared mineral balls that make hair shiny and eliminate skin dirt. With the 3-way spray switch button, you can enjoy a spa massage.

More than 99% of harmful substances are eliminated from supplied water. It allows you to present the wastage of water by promoting the water speed. The purified water is not harmful to dry, wet and oily skin. So, get the showerhead device and have a bath with the purified water.

Special Benefits and Key Features of Ionic Spa Shower
Ionic Spa Shower is our doctor friend in the bathroom. It affords a lot of features that are beneficial for our skin. Let’s see its amazing features:

Easy to customize

It has 3 setting modes that allow you to adjust the mode in accordance with my needs. The modes are Rainfall, Jetting and Massage. I used massage mode several times after arriving home from the office. All modes provide relaxation.

Advanced filter option

It is equipped with IR mineral balls and Negative Lonc Ball that eliminate harmful substances from water. The bi-active mineral beads ensure softer and pure water that is essential for our body skin.

Shower filter

The 15 stage shower filter is based on Vitamin E and C that ensure healthy water while bathing. It helps to eliminate heavy metals, dust, chlorine, etc., completely. So, you will get the best effect of purified water.

Save water and efficient

It delivers water at high speed, which is 35%. The speedy water flow saves time or standing under a shower. This system saves gallons of water and protects us from over utility bills.


It is portable, so I can easily separate it for washing. After washing, I re-install it in its previous place. If any parts are broken or damaged, it is easy to replace. Also, its high-quality material construction provides long-lasting usage.

Benefits of Using The iOnic Spa Shower

The IOnic Spa showerhead provides amazing benefits. Let’s discover the benefits that give me an unbelievable experience:

Its advanced 15-stage filter ensures toxic-free water while bathing.
The IR and Lonc balls soften the water quality and reduce harmful substances.
35% high-speed water flow saves time and waste of water.
Easy to separate the showerhead to clean for having better hygiene.
Customize shower from the Rain, Massage and Jetting modes.
Negative iOn technology ensures a pH level balanced in the water.

What Makes Ionic Spa Shower So Revolutionary?

The Ionic Spa is a revolutionary showerhead for some advanced features. It has a multi-spray mode that ensures relaxation like a spa massage. The 15-stage filtration system and ionic balls eliminate the harmful particles from the water and protect the skin.

It looks like an ordinary showerhead but performs as a safety army. It delivers water faster than tap water that saves time and bills. All parts are replaceable and available online and offline. No need for plumbers helps to install it in your washroom.

Ionic Spa Shower Helps You Avoid Health Issues

Ionic Spa is equipped with activated carbon, KDF-55, ionic balls that purify water 15 stage filtration on hot and cold water. It helps you to avoid health problems. It reduces more than 99% harmful particles from tap water. I have shown some health issues that the showerhead eliminates.

When I am standing under the showerhead, it delivers toxic-free water and eliminates the bacteria, germs, viruses, etc., to protect our skin. Also, I breathe with relaxation after bathing because dirty water causes respiratory problems.

I have never faced skin related issues after using the showerhead. The purified water has no chemicals and formation changes, so it is safe for dry and oily skin. It reduces the chlorine from water that causes over 70% of diseases on the skin.

Tap water contains lots of impurities that cause skin irritation and hair loss. The Spa shower prevents the impurities and keeps the water back to nature.

How To Use IOnic Spa Shower?

The IOnic Spa Shower does not require experts or plumber’s help to install and use. Let me explain the overall process.

Combine all parts of the showerhead completely.
Add it to the main shower line using Teflon tape.
Test it by opening the shower knob.
If the water is coming out, choose the mode.
Use the side switch to control the spraying system.
Very simple! It delivers water faster than a regular shower.

Where Can I Purchase The IOnic Spa?

To purchase the Ionic Spa, I recommend to go through the link and it is the manufacturer’s official website. I have purchased it from here and got a 50% discount. The discount offer is available occasionally. They ensure free shipping anywhere in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here, I have covered some frequently asked questions about the IOnic spa showerhead.

Are ionic shower heads any good?

IOnic showerheads provide negative ions in the water that purifies the water. There is no chemical mixed in the water, so we can feel safe while bathing.

Can a shower head increase water pressure?

Showerhead increases water pressure and the IOnic spa delivers water 35% faster than a regular water flow. It saves bills and time effectively.

How do I adjust my water pressure?

Use a wrench to adjust the water pressure by adjusting the screw. Move the screw clockwise to speed up and counterclockwise for lessening the water pressure.

Final Thought

I have covered all features of the finest showerhead in the IOnic Spa review. Its water purification system ensures a safe bathing experience. Pure water keeps us safe from skin issues, respiratory problems and other diseases. Its 15-stage filtration system and ionic ball reduce the harmful particles and allergens so we can stay healthy. Apply the needy mode using the 3-way spray switch button. Install the showerhead and enjoy a healthy shower every day.



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