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Mosquitron Review 2021: The Best Mosquito Killing Device!

Mosquitoes are just one of the most annoying creatures that we encounter almost every day.

They are not only an annoyance but can also carry numerous diseases, like malaria, dengue, zika virus and more.

Fortunately, with our world’s innovation, we now have different devices that can help us get rid of these mosquitoes which are the Mosquitron.

What Is A Mosquitron?

Mosquitron is a mosquito killer, which uses a blue light so it can lure mosquitoes into it and trap them.

Once them, the door will trap them and suck them all in.

Unlike other mosquito killer devices, the Mosquitron doesn’t have any sound that can startle you.

You won’t also see any dead mosquitoes around unlike other zappers so you don’t have to worry about anything.

The Mosquitron has a 360 degree UV light, which can kill not only the mosquitoes but other insects as well.

Using this device will surely keep you and your family safe from the diseases that these mosquitoes carry.

Mosquitron Review – Does It Really Work?

Mosquitron does work to kill all the bugs near you and keep you safe.

Besides, it uses UV light, which can attract any bugs at any time of the night and the warm blue light attracts the mosquitoes around you.

The Mosquitron uses a fan to suck the mosquitos inside, which cannot come out.

And you should wait for some time to get the storage cleaned.

All the bugs that may harm you will be taken care of.

Mosquitos cannot see all the colors due to the wavelength of the light.

Study shows the mosquitos can easily identify yellow and blue light.

In addition, mosquitoes are attracted to warm bodies, so Mosquitron provides warm lights that can easily attract the mosquitoes.

Then sucking in and trapping the mosquitos will kill them eventually.

The Mosquitron reviews are very positive, as well.

So, this device is a great substitute for harmful chemical products to keep away the bugs.

Mosquitron’s Specifications and Special Features

  • Mosquitron works with only simple USB cables. These cables can get power from an electric device that can fit.
  • Mosquitron can be charged with an electric device like a mobile that supports USB, laptop, power bank, etc.
  • Mosquitron does not require a direct wall socket to get the power to run. As a result, it is suitable to use anywhere and is not limited only to a certain area or indoor.
  • The LED bulbs can attract mosquitos at 360 degrees angle around the Mosquitron.
  • The LED bulbs that are used in Mosquitron can attract not only mosquitos but any bugs from disturbing you.
  • The UV blue light emits from Mosquitron is totally safe for the human body, children, and even pets.
  • The part of Mosquitron that holds the dead bugs can easily be removed and cleaned, which requires very little time.
  • Mosquitron is an energy-saving device as it requires very little power to drain from the power supply device to run for a long time. Even a built-in light sensor is provided that can trace the sunlight and turn the device on in the morning, thus saving additional energy consumption.
  • Mosquitron uses a tiny space to set up and run. So, it can be placed anywhere like a bedroom, reading room, balcony, garden, even at lakeside to keep the mosquitos away.

How to Use Mosquitron?

The device is user friendly and comes with attractive features for easy maintenance as well.

Mosquitron needs an external device or socket that provides the power required to run Mosquitron.

A USB device is used to connect the device to Mosquitron, and it will start collecting all the power it needs to run the machine.

Mosquitron contains LED bulbs that emit Ultra-violate blue lights, which effectively lure any kind of bugs, including mosquitos.

All the bugs in your area will be attracted to these lights and will come close to the sunlight.

At this point, the Mosquitron sucks all the bugs that are available at a certain distance.

The bugs will get trapped inside the Mosquitron, and there are no ways for these bugs to come out once sucked inside.

The inlet with enough space and funnel made of very little meshes does the trick.

At this point, the dehydration process starts, which may run for up to 24 hours.

Any bugs that are trapped inside the Mosquitron will suffer from dehydration and will be killed inside the Mosquitron.

This way Mosquitron kills all the bugs and keeps your family safe from any disturbance from bugs as well as the diseases spread by these bugs.

Are There Any Benefits to Using the Mosquitron?

Mosquitron is a great device that has many benefits for the consumer.

A healthy family needs to have a Mosquitron to ensure their health and peace.

The bugs are a big issue when it comes to a peaceful sleep.

Many people do not intend to go for mosquito nets, so they have to somehow deal with the mosquitos all night.

Though mosquitos do disturb people’s sleep and the effect of it comes in the day time in the form of day fatigue and many more.

These decrease the social skill and workability of people.

Mosquitron can keep all the members of a family safe from bugs the whole night.

It can run the whole night non-stop.

It can catch and kill all the existing mosquitos in the room without making any noise.

Even the blue light of mosquitron attracts the mosquitos, and you won’t feel any disturbance during your sleep.

Many bugs, even many mosquitoes, carry diseases that can cause severe damage to people’s lives.

Dengue is one of the deadliest fever due to mosquitos, and millions of people suffer from Dengue every year.

Mosquitron can keep these diseases away from people by keeping these mosquitoes away.

Some Cons of Mosquitron

Any great device that can do many jobs has some cons that come with the benefits, and Mosquitron is no exception.

  • Mosquitron does not have a battery to save power for later use. Only the external power supply assists in running the device.
  • Mosquitron uses the charge of external devices to run, so if you use your mobile to provide power to Mosquitron, then you will be losing charge of your mobile phone simultaneously.
  • The size of the Mosquitron is small but not as small as a mobile phone. So, you need an extra bag to carry the Mosquitron around.

How Safe is Mosquitron?

It’s undeniable that the device is safe for people from old to children.

It does not cause any damage, physically or environmentally.

Mosquitron is a compact device with no spiky parts on the outside.

Neither has it contained any small removable parts on the outer part of its body.

So, it does not threaten a child swallowing the parts that eliminate any serious damage.

No spiky parts also eliminate the chance of accidentally cutting a consumer’s body or even clothes.

Mosquitron does not use any chemical compound to lure and kill the viruses.

In some cases, it can cause serious diseases like cancer as well.

Mosquitron does not spread any chemical compound, so it is totally safe for our health.

How Can I Purchase the Mosquitron?

The Mosquitron is not widely available in any shop near you.

Mosquitron is available on some online sites like amazon.

However, they do not ensure the quality of the product as they are not the official seller.

The official site to buy Mosquitron is here.

On this site, they sell Mosquitron any time of the year and provide home delivery service wherever you live.

In addition, they offer huge discounts the whole year, even discounts up to 50% are offered by the official site for consumers.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, we’re here to provide some value-added questions in this section. And hopefully, you’ll find them effective.

  • Is Mosquitron really effective?

Mosquitron is effective to kill mosquitos and any other bugs around you.

The blue UV light of Mosquitron cab attracts the bugs and lure them towards the machine.

Later on, it just sucks them inside and kills them by dehydration.

  • What can kill mosquitos?

Chemical, dehydration, electricity, mechanical energy, etc., can kill mosquitos.

The chemical methods of killing mosquitoes are harmful to the environment.

The electricity and mechanical processes use too much energy, so the dehydration process is the most effective method to kill the mosquitos.

  • Is an electronic mosquito killer lamp effective?

The electronic mosquito killer lamps are effective in killing any harmful bugs.

These killer lamps usually use electricity to kill the bugs which come directly from a wall socket.

However, this lamp uses a lot of electricity to kill only a few bugs.

  • Are mosquitos attracted to UV light?

Mosquitos are usually not attracted to UV light, though the blue light’s wavelength and the light lure mosquitoes’ temperature toward the Mosquitron.

The UV lights are used to keep the Mosquitron safe for people and not to disturb people with the light at night.

Final Thought

People trust the harmful products to kill the bugs, though the product itself causes more damage most of the time.

So, it is high time people should use Mosquitron and see the difference by themselves.

Mosquitron review identifies it as an effective, eco-friendly, economic friendly, and health-friendly device yet discovered to keep the bugs away.

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Mini Batwing Drone HD Review

What is the Mini Batwing Drone HD?

The Mini Batwing Drone HD is a budget quadcopter from Propel, the company behind those fancy Star Wars battle quads.

There are two models of the Mini Batwing Drone HD. The HD model reviewed here has a 720p camera on board for taking snaps and videos. But if you’re not particularly bothered about filming your flight then a camera-free model is available for $40 less.

The Mini Batwing Drone HD is a great way of living out that childhood fantasy of being Batman. It’s also an excellent starter drone for novice flyers – although some build quality issues mean you’ll need spare parts. In the right environment, though, this is a fantastic drone.


Mini Batwing Drone HD – Design

Propel has put plenty of effort into making the Batwing look like a tiny plane, rather than just attaching propellers to a Batman symbol. There are sections of the drone that look like they’re for streamlining, as would be the case on real planes.

I’m a fan of the glossy finish of the cockpit section, which stands out against the matte black of the rest of the model. It feels plasticky, and as a result a little cheap – but I imagine such a finish is necessary to keep the weight down.

Being a quadcopter drone, the Batwing requires four propellers to fly – eight blades are supplied in the box, in case you break or lose some. There’s also a propeller guard, which Propel recommends you use at all times. I’m inclined to agree, unless you’re that confident (or vain).

The drone is powered by a small battery pack, and inserting or removing it is how you turn the drone on or off; there’s no sign of a power switch. You get up to six minutes of flight time, and a full charge takes 60 minutes.

There’s a good-sized controller, well laid out considering the number of buttons available to press. It comes with small handles that you can attach for better grip, and you can switch out the default thin-metal joystick tips for fat rubbery ones too. The Batwing is very well accessorized.


Mini Batwing Drone HD – Features

At its most basic, the Batwing flies and hovers. The left thumb stick on the controller adjusts elevation and yaw (but not pitch or roll), while the right stick controls the trajectory. This means you can move it up and down, rotate it, and move it forwards, backwards or sideways. There is also a “stunt” button: press this and the Batwing will do a barrel roll.

Besides flying, the Mini Batwing Drone HD can also take pictures and shoot video up to 720p resolution. The drone itself doesn’t have any storage, but it does have a slot for microSD cards up to 32GB. You also get a microSD card reader for transferring your footage to your computer via USB.

The camera is just for recording, not live-viewing. There’s no app link to mobile devices, which means you must keep the drone in sight at all times.


  • Looks great
  • Easy to learn
  • Plenty of accessories
  • Free replacement blades by post


  • Poor construction
  • Not enough spare propellers in the box


Mini Batwing Drone HD – Performance

I really enjoyed flying the Batwing. The controls take some getting used to, but this doesn’t take too long. I’d pass on the “quick start’ guide in favour of the comprehensive instruction booklet, which provides instructions on how to calibrate your drone so that it doesn’t automatically start drifting into the wall. It’s crucial you do this – otherwise, you’ll crash before you know it.

Which leads me to the Batwing’s negatives… While you’re learning how to fly the drone, it’s inevitable that you’re going to crash. Why do we fall, sir? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up and tweak the settings. Sadly, the Mini Batwing Drone HD doesn’t deal with the “falling” part well.

The propeller guard is flimsy and does little to stop the blades from hitting the floor/wall when you crash. Propellers will either ping off – good luck finding that in the park – or they’ll break. Following three low-speed crashes, I had lost one propeller and snapped two.

Basically, you’re going to need spares – but the number supplied in the box isn’t adequate; it won’t be long before you find yourself with a flightless ornament. To Propel’s credit, the customer service department is excellent – a nice man offered to send me spare propellers for free, with only a £2.99 charge for postage.

Sadly, it doesn’t end there. The Batwing’s lightweight plastic construction is rather flimsy, and I’ve already spotted a crack in the chassis. This was merely a result of clipping a door frame during take-off and crashing down onto wooden flooring – I dread to think what it would look like if the drone had to contend with high speeds, a tree, and concrete pavement.

Picture quality from the camera, however, is decent – clear in good lighting conditions and about as sharp as you can expect from something that’s moving and vibrating. Footage does become noticeably grainier and noisier as the light becomes dimmer, though.


Should I buy the Mini Batwing Drone HD?

If you’re a novice flyer looking to get into drones, or if you’re a Batman fan, the Mini Batwing Drone HD is an excellent starting point. It looks the part, it has some great features, and it’s easy to use.

The build quality is a problem, however, and despite the good customer service, I fear for the drone’s longevity. Still, if you restrict yourself to an open field, where crash-landings can be softened by grass, you should be alright.


A fun, good-looking drone – while it lasts, that is.


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Dronex Pro Review 2021: Record Your Epic Adventures!!

Quadcopter drones are becoming more and popular these days, with many companies producing them setting up shop in many countries across the globe.

The drones have turned out to be very valuable for nature lovers and professionals in the surveying, photography, and filming industry.

However, with the increasing production of these gadgets, finding one that works best can be quite challenging.

In this article, we will be reviewing DroneX Pro, a high-tech drone that comes with features that will leave you in awe.

If you are a cinematographer, a photographer, or just a lover of tech and adventure, then you are going to find DroneX Pro a fantastic product.

Go ahead and read our DroneX Pro review and find out why you should order it today.

We have looked at its features, what it does, benefits, and what people are saying about it.


What is DroneX Pro?

what is dronex pro

This is a three-speed quadcopter drone that comes with a 720p HD camera, a 120-degree viewing range, and a variety of other features that make it one of the top-rated drones among tech enthusiasts.

According to the manufacturer, the DroneX Pro is lightweight and foldable, a feature that makes it extremely portable.

It also has a gravity sensor that will automatically move it away from obstacles.

DroneX Pro is a new version of DroneX. It comes with features that surpass the performance of the older version come with an easy-to-operate remote control.

The remote control has two joysticks that are useful in directing the drone.

DroneX Pro is also compatible with Android.

You can connect it to your smartphone so you can check the footage as you fly the drone.


Why Do I Need DroneX Pro?

Manufactured by an Estonian brand with a long-standing reputation in the tech industry, DroneX Pro is a high-quality quadcopter that is relatively cheaper compared to other brands, yet has features that are unrivaled.

The device is easy to operate and steer towards the sky.

As noted earlier, it is compatible with Android, so you can connect it to your smartphone and look at the footage as it takes to the skies.

It comes with a 12MP camera, which will allow you to take quality images.

Unlike most similar products of the sort, DroneX Pro comes with a battery that lasts up to 12 minutes high up in the sky.

With speeds up to 19 meters per second, DroneX Pro offers you the opportunity to adventure large areas within a short time.

It is foldable and weighs just 85g, making it a portable device.

The also has a feature that many similar products lack; automated takeoff and landing.

Once you press the auto-power button, the DroneX Pro will take off and land automatically.

And you don’t have to worry about it colliding with obstacles because it comes with a gravity sensor that prevents such collisions.

With this drone, you will have the ability to steer, as well as monitor what’s going on up there.

The DroneX Pro can perform spectacular 360-degree loops by a simple click on a button on the remote control.

With a frame-per-second rate of 120, you can turn the videos taken by the drone into slow-motion videos while still maintaining quality.


DroneX Pro Performance and Recommendation

We looked through DroneX Pro’s features and promptly found out that it works just as the manufacturer promises.

The drone can fly with speeds of up to 19m/s, which translates to 42.5 miles per hour.

This is an incredible speed, way higher than most other products can offer.

Also, the quality of the images taken by the 12MP camera on the drone was excellent.

The 360-degree loop function was great, and we especially liked the fact that the drone could stay up in the sky for up to 12 minutes.

The gravity sensor was also perfect.

Even when we were not aware of obstacles, somehow, the drone managed to steer clear to avoid damage.

Overall, we found DroneX Pro to be a quality product that you will surely not regret buying.

Some features that we found outstanding include:

  • The 120-degree viewing range
  • The 360-degree loop function
  • The quality of the images taken by the drone
  • The accessibility of the remote control
  • The sleek design of the quadcopter


Important DroneX Pro Features

  • Foldable Design

This is one of the physical features we liked about this product.

The frames holding the body and the propellers have collapsible joints that enable you to fold the drone for safe storage

  • 12MP Camera

The onboard HD 12MP camera takes photos and records videos of high quality.

The camera supports a resolution of 720p.

It can also capture still images even at angles as wide as 1200.

There is also the panoramic mode that allows you to capture 3600 images.

  • Advanced Stability

The drone comes with advanced stability algorithms that make it one of the most stable drones on the market today.

Even in turbulent conditions, DroneX Pro still manages to maintain its course.

You, therefore, don’t need a lot of skills to steer your drone into the skies.

  • Flight Time

Unlike other pocket-sized drones, this quadcopter comes with some decent flight time.

It can fly, film, and take photos for up to 12 minutes on a single charge.

Charging the battery takes just 70 minutes.

You might want to have some spare batteries in case you want longer flight times.

Other exciting DroneX Pro features include:

  • Easy-to-access controls
  • Highly durable
  • Extremely portable
  • Compatible with Android

Package included

  • 1 x EACHINE E58 RC Quadcopter
  • 1x Transmitter
  • 3x 3.7V 500mAh Lipo Battery (Placed in the drone)
  • 1 x USB Charging Cable
  • 4x Protection Cover
  • 2x Spare Blades with Blades Clip
  • 1 x screwdriver
  • 1 x User Manual

DroneX PRO reviews

Specification Model:

  • Item NO.: E58
  • Quad Battery:3 x 3.7V 500mAh Lipo (Included)
  • Transmitter Battery:3 x 1.5 AA battery (NOT Included)
  • Charging time: 60-70mins
  • Flying time: 7-9mins each battery; Wind level: below 4.
  • R/C distance: 80-100m
  • FPV Range: about 30m
  • Camera: 2MP 720P
  • Quad’s Size: 27×19.5x5cm ( not folded) 12.5×7.5x5cm (folded)
  • Quad’s Weight: 96g (with battery)Package Size: 17.5x16x7cm Package weight: 360g


DroneX Pro Reviews

There are many customer reviews of this DroneX Pro online.

While a few customers are not entirely impressed by the product, overall, its features and performance appear to have impressed many.

Big5 Adventures, a happy customer, says, “The drone is pretty easy to fly. Most features are great.”

On some review sites, this gadget has an overall rating of 4 stars, indicating that many customers are impressed.


Testimonials from Other Users

This little DroneX Pro rocks!!!! Excellent control and maneuverability, and I’m just a beginner so that is saying a lot.. The DroneX Pro has excellent 4K Ultra HD picture quality. with it’s 90°adjustable camera, so beautiful video and aerial photo shots here I come!!!! I got about 25 minutes of flight time out of the battery and the DroneX Pro comes with two batteries so you can’t go wrong. The DroneX Pro will auto take-off and auto land at the press of the APP button. I have been trying to land it myself to get used to the controls as you can see in the video, I’m not a pro yet, but I will get there. I love the built in safety features, not only for myself but If I let someone else fly that is also a beginner, it’s good to know that the DroneX Pro is equipped with functions like Auto Return, Find The Lost Drone, It returns automatically whenever the battery is low, the signal is lost or you press one key return. Overall, I’m very pleased with my purchase, I will continue to play around with it everyday to get better and use more of the features of the app and drone, love the carrying case and Quick Start instructions on the box just in case you forget in the beginning, but after doing it all the time it will begin to come natural to you. Can’t wait until tomorrow to go flying again. :o) – Alvin, 26

DroneX Pro helped me turn my hobby into a business simply because of the amazing shots that it help me get. My friends were all amazed with it that they all started buying one especially that it is also affordable. It’s not surprising that the store always run low on stock! – David, 22


Where to Buy DroneX Pro?

You can order this amazing DroneX Pro today through the manufacturer’s website.

They are giving a 50% discount on every order so you might want to rush and take advantage of the limited offer.

You can also contact their customer support desk through +44 20 3808 9234 or send them an email via


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Coolair Review 2021: The Best Personal Cooler for the Budget?

When the heat hits hard, we all want to stay cool and relaxed.

I was searching for a cooler at a cheap price but all are out of my budget.

My friend recommended me to get the CoolAir portable air conditioner.

I got it to test its authenticity and performance.

After using it for a few days, it astonished me with the performance.

It is such a mini portable air cooler.

I will share my thoughts in the CoolAir review.

The CoolAir is a device used to cool the surroundings.

It is often compared to air conditioners.

People may sometimes think that they are the same thing.

In reality, they are not similar to each one.

The great thing about CoolAir is that it is affordable to purchase and they offer quick and fast cooling at all conditions.

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What is CoolAir?

What is CoolAir

CoolAir is a modern cooling system that allows you to effectively cool the rooms of the house and counteract hot days, which are among the main causes of heatstroke.

It is a portable air conditioner equipped with numerous features that satisfy any kind of expectation.

It is very light and compact.

For this reason, it can be positioned in strategic points to face the heat, even during workouts or hours of work on the PC.

The rooms and other areas of the house, such as the kitchen or the living room, will be refreshed in a few moments thanks to the effectiveness of this small device that uses hot air to transform it into fresh and purified air.

It comes with 3 level fan speed so I can regulate the heat level according to the room environment.

Also, it saves a huge amount of money due to its low electricity consumption.

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Does CoolAir Really Work?

From my experience and use of CoolAir, I can emerge that it is a safe, practical and efficient product.

It meets all needs of users who want to combat hot days and heat stroke. It is available only on the official website of the dealer who sells it with an unmissable offer.

CoolAir works and guarantees more options, all in a single device that will comfortably arrive at home in a few days working.

Unlike traditional fans, it is easy to handle. It refreshes the air in a few seconds simply after pressing the start button, once the tank has been filled with water.

Being absolutely silent, it can be used in any area of ​​the house.

The portable mini air cooler ensures a pleasant refreshment without any nuisance for the house.

Set the fan speed and intensity of the light at night for sound sleep.

It is built-in with auto-shutdown functions, so there is no need to check if the water tank is constantly empty.

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Specification of CoolAir

  • Fan: 3 speed setting (Adjustable)
  • Lights: 7 colors
  • Size: 174x170x170 mm
  • Water tank: 750 ml
  • Speed: 20 speed settings
  • Power: USB

Special Features of CoolAir

Benefits of the CoolAir

CoolAir can be a vital step in making the family happier and healthier. The special features of CoolAir are the following:

  • Filter out contamination: CoolAir filters the air inside the home and office room. The air flows into damp filters in which mites, dust and different microorganisms remain. It comes with filters that are capable of capturing 99 percent of allergens from the air. It can take out allergens, dust, dirt, as well as all forms of airborne particles.
  • Efficient: According to my user experience, CoolAir only uses a low voltage than a desktop fan and AC. This is lightweight so it can be carried easily anywhere, anyhow. Another notable feature is the striking design. It is equipped with an amazing LED backlight that has 7 different colorful lights. Change the backlight color according to your wishes.
  • The adjustable fan speed and light intensity: It comes with 3-level adjustable fan speeds. This allows me to change the fan speed according to my demand. At night, set the intensity level for sound sleeping.
  • Act as a humidifier: It also works as a humidifier because it delivers the cold air with water. It is the perfect solution to keep our hair and skin well and smoother. Additionally, it also captures and filters particles like dust, dirt, pet dander, pet odor, and even mold spores. It ensures the allergen free room environment.
  • Fast cooling system: Its fan behind the filter pushes the warm air from the surroundings, flowing into the filter. Within a short time, it cools the room environments.

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Benefits of the CoolAir Device

The CoolAir device has outstanding features that ensure the following benefits:

  1. The adjustable 3-speed fan provides fast cooling with ultra-quiet performance.
  2. Its built-in water tank works up to 8 hours that require 3 times water recharge every day.
  3. It runs through a USB outlet, so I never worried about the consumption of electricity.
  4. Due to light design and size, it can be placed in a small place easily.
  5. The adjustable light intensity delivers 7 different colorful lights for a relaxed mood.
  6. Its in-built filter prevents dust, allergens, airborne particles, etc., effectively.

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How to Use CoolAir?

How to Use CoolAir

Using CoolAir is very easy to operate but should be careful on every step. Let me explain the using method of the CoolAir:

  • Take the CoolAir and open the door carefully.
  • Add ice or 300 ml cold water to the tank.
  • Connect through the USB cable to the power supply.
  • Tap the switch to adjust fan speed and light intensity.

Once the tank is refilled, it delivers cool air for up to 8 hours.

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Where Can I Purchase The Coolair?

CoolAir is not found in specialized centers and cannot be purchased at pharmacies or sales sites since it is an original product offered for sale only on the company’s official website.

It is an innovative and exclusive product that you will only find on the manufacturer’s Official site.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Let’s discover some commonly asked questions about the CoolAir.

CoolAir runs silently by delivering cool air by evaporating the cold water from the tank. It allows you to adjust the fan speed in 3 levels and soothing lights for relaxation.

The CoolAir has a large water tank that allows you to get a cooling experience for up to 8 hours. After that, you have to refill the water tank again.

A portable air conditioner is an essential appliance in hot places where the heat level is very high. It is perfect for home and office use for the portable design and USB power supply.

Three features make the CoolAir special. They are 3 level fan speed, 8 liters water tank and USB power supply.

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Final Thought

CoolAir is the perfect solution for all people who cannot tolerate hot weather.

In the CoolAir review, I have shared my experience with the amazing mini air cooler.

It reduced the consumption on the bill.

I was searching for a different way to the luxurious AC unit.

At an affordable price, it helps to stay all-time relaxed in hot summer weather.

It has unique and innovative features that make it more convenient than other mini air coolers.

This is why we recommend CoolAir for personal use.

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Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini Review

If you’re a fan of capturing all of your favorite footage wherever you go, investing in the right action camera is crucial.

Introducing the Sony HDR-AZ1VR Action Cam Mini.

It’s a rugged, high-tech mini camcorder that’s ready to be put through the wringer of any action sport you’d like.

Sony plans on releasing it to the public on October 19th of 2014, so we decided to take a sneak peek at what it has to offer – is it really all that great? Let’s find out!




  • Dubbed as Sony’s “smallest splash proof action camera”. It’s portable size is perfect for those who enjoy activities outdoors where size matters.
  • Super, smooth imaging thanks to the SteadyShot technology. It records a still image even when it experiences bumping or blurring – perfect for mountain biking, motorsports, and other high-movement activities.
  • Comes included with a live remote that gives users the ability to view the filming as it happens. If you don’t want the remote, you can purchase it without it, for less money.
  • 5 different video modes offer anything from slow motion to ultra-HD in 1080p.
  • Integrated stereo microphone gives users the ability to record everything without missing a beat.


Ready for the Adventure

The HDR-AZ1 boasts a splash-proof design that repels water with ease.

You won’t ever have to worry about it in the rain, at the beach, near the pool, or at the ski resort in the snow.


Control From Your Smartphone

If you buy the full kit, it does come included with the Live View remote.

With it you can view your camera wirelessly within close range.

However, through most Smartphones you can install an app that will function just like the remote does.

Comes With Software

Video editing software is not typically the cheapest.

That’s the great thing about the Sony HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini – it comes bundled with Action Cam Movie Creator, a highly interactive software that lets you edit, cut, and copy your footage into beautiful full length films for all of your friends and family to enjoy.

No prior knowledge of video editing is required – it’s a very easy to use piece of software that is easy to learn.

Ultra Wide Lens

The HDR-AZ1 comes included with one of the highest grade, professional lens in it’s class – a ZEISS lens that captures a massive wide angle of 170 degrees.

This enables you to capture remarkable footage of nearly everything in your path.

A wide lens like this is ideal for action sports where things are moving fast, and you don’t want to sacrifice quality.


SteadyShot Technology

With Sony’s own SteadyShot technology, no longer are bumps and rattling a hindrance when it comes to filming footage.

It will automatically add stabilization for fast sports that need the added feature.

These rapid vibrations are ignored and transferred as smooth, clear footage with stunning clarity.

Broadcast Live Video

With a UStream account, just simply login and you’ll have the ability to give access to anyone who you share your video stream with.

From all corners of the world, your friends and family can watch as your adventure is happening in real time.


Smaller and Lighter

Sony’s previous action camera was much larger, bulkier, and heavy compared to their new design.

The HDR-AZ1 is small in size, light in weight, and fantastic in style.


Video Review

Check out the official Sony HDR-AZ1VR promo video below.

Sony Europe discusses the great features in excellent clarity.

Final Thoughts

Sony is known for many decades of producing the finest gizmos and gadgets in the electronics space.

The HDR-AZ1 Action Cam Mini shows how dedicated they are in producing high-end technology that looks promising.

We’re extremely excited here at YourDiary for the release of it on October 19th – it’s looking to be one of the top competitors in the market of action cameras for 2015.

Have you been interested in the HDR-AZ1 for a while now?

Do you plan on purchasing it when it comes out?

We’d love to hear from you and talk to others who love Sony’s newest action camera as much as we do.